RNDr. Karel Pohaněl, Mgr. Ivana Krčová
1. listopadu 2006
Attendance: 4423

Aim of the Websites

  • To bring teaching closer to real life and give students an opportunity to verify their theoretical knowledge, acquired at Maths lessons, in real life
  • To introduce the Czech or European economy banking sector to students
  • To introduce possibilities how to invest money in Czech or European banks to students, to compare these possibilities to each other with the aim to optimise client advantages, using IT in Maths lessons
  • To develop project teaching at Maths lessons based on maximum use of computers and Internet in the class
  • To contribute to the development of students´ creativity in working on projects
  • To concentrate on searching for information and its proceeding as well as on the preparation of suitable output including computer presentation
  • To contribute to the development of students´ ability to analyse the information obtained and to use it for a decision-making process
  • To give students an opportunity to explain the differences between particular investment offers
  • To develop students´ creativity by means of searching for investment offers and especially designing their marketing strategy while creating an imaginary bank
  • To develop students´ presentation skills by means of their own public presentation

The website is divided into various sections. The first one, called Banking System in the CR is focused on brief development and description of the Czech banking system and also describes all regulated entities on the Czech banking market. It is possible to gain some differences between the Czech national bank and commercial banks in the CR.

Another section called Teacher’s Section is intended for teachers´ use. It describes and recommends how to use this website for teaching. The project team is happy to welcome any constructive suggestions, ideas or comments, which might lead to the improvement of the website and to higher effectiveness of teaching process. A sample student presentation is part of this process, too.

Student’s Section describes theoretical connection between financial mathematics and geometrical progressions, offers project assignment and hints for producing a successful project, links to important websites and basic information on Power Point with the procedure of creating presentations.

Another section deals with Current News concerning the abovementioned topic.

Section Contacts Us includes contacts to the project team.

Section Links includes references to some useful websides.

Section Pilot Schools lists schools interested in taking part in verification of the project in practice.

RNDr. Dušan Kovář, Ph.D.
Gymnázium Olomouc-Hejčín